Wednesday, August 3, 2011

8 months

So I've been slacking on the pictures lately and don't have any for this post either, I promise to add some soon. But I wanted to do my 8 month post on the right day so I'm going ahead without pics. Will weighed 23.5 pounds when I took him to the doctor Monday (runny nose and cough, apparently a virus that he is over now). Today we weighed him here and it was 23, so he's somewhere around there. We got his height at 29.25 inches. I don't really think that's correct either but it's hard to measure a wiggle worm.

He eats three meals a day and would probably eat even more if I gave it to him. He loves food! He's learning to pick things up himself and has eaten bananas and cheese this way so far. He is in the process of switching to formula full time and he doesn't love it. Sometimes he will just refuse to take a bottle and it's very frustrating, but he always takes his bedtime bottle from Rob and I figure if he's hungry enough he'll take them from me too.

He's moving faster every day and can get across the room before I know it but he still doesn't crawl on his knees, just drags himself with his arms. He can go from laying down to sitting up now and can clap his hands. He has five teeth and likes to bite everything with them, including me!

We have reintroduced the Johnny Jump Up and he loves to jump around now. He was just too little before so he could only stand there and try to walk, but now he jumps around. He also loves to knock down blocks so Rob builds him towers and he crawls over and knocks them down. He loves for us to leave a room and then come back in and surprise him, he gets excited and laughs every time. I wish that we could get our video camera to sync up with my computer so we could show some of his new skills!

His sleeping is pretty good these days. He goes to bed at 8 every night, except tonight because he knew I was writing a post and wanted to throw things off. He usually gets up sometime in the 6 o'clock hour but occasionally wakes up earlier. It's pretty rare that I don't get a full nights sleep now so that's really nice.

All in all he's a happy and healthy 8 month old and we are having a ball with him every day!