Thursday, July 28, 2011

Busy Byrds!

We've been busy around here and I haven't posted in awhile! On the 15th we went down to Fayetteville to watch Susan and my dad show horses. They did great! It was fun to watch Susan show, I'd never seen it before. We went to my parents house to rest for awhile and then headed to Florida around 2:30 a.m. Will slept the whole way so it was a successful trip!

We spent a week with Rob's family in Rosemary Beach and had a wonderful time! It was so relaxing, we forgot to take pictures!! But Will really enjoyed spending time with family that he doesn't get to see that often, and so did we.

On Wednesday Janie came with Will and me to the zoo! Will was half interested in the animals but it was fun to have a couple of hours to hang out with a friend and talk. There's only so much you can say to a 7 month old every day! Will loved Janie and cried when she left the house. Looks like he needs to hang out with her more often!

Since we've been back Will has been teething non-stop. Three have come in now and one more is working it's way through. We've also started him back on dairy so he's been eating yogurt and cheese and it hasn't seemed to affect him so that's exciting for everyone! His sleeping since we've been back has been great! He's been going to bed around 8:15 and sleeping until about 7. Last night he woke up at 4:30 but I think it was the teeth more than anything. He's being put in the bed awake but drowsy and it going to sleep on his own! Now we just have to work on making that happen for naps.

One of the three pictures! Will and Jacki before dinner one night, at least one of them is smiling!

Will and Lily in matching outfits from Aunt Cindi before dinner. No smiles here, but they love the outfits!

Wearing his crab outfit from Byrdie at the Crab Trap! Lily had a matching outfit for this one too. Can you tell they are spoiled? 

I just love the cap, it makes me smile every time!

He's into everything now, he found the bag that holds his playmat, but the reason I took the picture is because he was dragging that horse around with him everywhere he went!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Green Beans and Smocked Outfits

 Just a couple of pictures of Will. This first is an outfit that Rob's grandmother smocked for him when he was a baby. I would love to see a picture of Rob in the same outfit and compare to see how much they look alike! The other picture is not a great one of Will because he saw the paper towel coming and wasn't excited but he had gotten green beans everywhere! They are not his favorite food so sometimes he won't open his mouth enough to get them all the way in and they just fall all over the place.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 4th Fun!

Yes I realize that I'm a couple of days late, but it just wouldn't be me if it was on time. We had a great holiday weekend that involved a lot of relaxing for us and a lot of spoiling for Will! We drove down to Fayetteville after church Sunday and got to spend lots of time with family and friends over the next couple of days. We ate yummy food and played games and watched horses show and just sat/laid around.

Sunday afternoon swinging with Susan. He just laid there forever and never took a nap.

Morning hug for his grandad.

Ready for 4th of July festivities!

Entertaining everyone from his post in the center of the room.

Susan got an umbrella because he wanted to sit outside and it was raining. He's not spoiled or anything!

This morning he was playing after his bath and got caught in the middle and pulled the whole mat over on himself. Instead of getting him out, I took a picture!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

7 Months!

Tomorrow will be 7 months for our big boy and since I won't be around a computer to write his post, I thought I'd go ahead and do it now. At 7 months Will weighs 21 pounds and is 29 inches long. Both were even numbers when we took them today for his baby book so that made it easy! I thought his weight would be down this time because he looks a little thinner to me but maybe it's just because he's gotten longer. 

He has two teeth coming in slowly but now that they've both fully broken through he doesn't seem to be bothered by them. He's eating three meals a day and working on picking up cheerios and a sippy cup for snacks. He can get the cheerios in his hand but has a hard time getting them in his mouth without help. He handles the sippy cup pretty well but he won't lift it up for the water to get to him. 

He talks a lot now and says dada more than anything. He's funny because if it's quiet he'll talk in a quiet almost whisper and if we aren't paying attention to him he'll yell. He likes to be tickled and play peekaboo but he can also keep himself entertained in the floor for quite awhile. He rolls everywhere and can roll all the way across the room now if he's trying to get somewhere. He moves all the time so it's hard to even change his diaper anymore, he just wiggles all over the place!

Sleep is not so great these days. He got thrown off with the teeth and he's starting to get back on schedule. He still goes to bed around 8 every night but wake up times vary from 4:30-around 6ish. He can roll around in the bed now so he wakes himself up because he'll get stuck in a corner or knock his head on the sides. Last night he started to fuss and Rob went to check on him and he thought it was playtime. He was all smiles and very hard to get back to sleep. 

He was playing this morning on our bed and I just loved his little overalls. He looks so old to me and it definitely doesn't seem like it's been 7 months!

I was laughing the other night because he was sitting on the couch by himself like a grown up but he's so little that you could only see his eyes over the side of the couch. Note that they are still blue, so I'm thinking the eye color is here to stay!

But then Rob did a full shot and his little gut just cracked us up! I love the extra roll behind his knee!

We need to give up the swing for numerous reasons. He's too long, he's too big, and now this. He's trying to get out/see something over the side and he makes the whole thing swing a little sideways. Or sometimes he just sits up with his back straight and looks around while he's swinging. He falls asleep for naps in the swing better than anywhere but we are going to have to come up with a new plan!