Sunday, June 3, 2012

While we were settling in with Fletcher....

Will was hanging out in Fayetteville. My mom came up to cook and wash and wake up with my baby at night so we could sleep, and my sisters and dad watched Will. I have to give them a big shout out because I think it took a lot of maneuvering on their part to get him taken care of all week. Between their jobs and cows getting out, it was an adventure to be sure. He got to spend time with Jessica and Evelyn Gray at the pool (thanks Jessica!), which he loved, and he even took a nap at her house in a big bed and didn't try to escape! He also got to hang out with Emily (thanks Emily!) and lots of his cousins because she took him at the last minute when the bulls tore the fence down. And he entertained Susan's friends that came to the house to play cards, even though I'm pretty sure it was way past his bedtime. Apparently he just rolled with it and had a great time. Below is a picture I stole from Facebook. Someone did a stellar diaper job :) Probably because you can't get him to be still long enough to get the diaper on! Looks like a happy boy to me!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Busy Byrds

It's amazing how much can happen when you don't blog for two months. Most of my readers already know the things I'm about to write, but I'll add fun pictures too!

We decided we were finally ready to list our house by the end of April, at which point we had been talking about it for 5 months. We prepared ourselves for a long wait to sell, because we just didn't think it would go quickly. Boy were we wrong! The house sold in less than 2 weeks and we were given a close date of June 15th, with Baby Byrd due on June 16th. We wanted to sell so we agreed to be out by the 15th and then immediately started a search for a new house!

It was pretty frustrating because we had been looking online for months and had a list of houses we wanted to see, but when we would send addresses to our realtor, everything we wanted would be under contract already. We kept searching and finding new ones and we kept getting shot down. Out of probably more than 20 houses we sent, we were able to see 8. But number 7 was a winner and we were able to get it! Our close date for the new house was also set for the 15th.

So by mid-May we had sold a house, bought a house, and now had to deal with all of the ins and outs of each. Add to that keeping our house clean for showings (I did require an hour notice before each one) while 33-36 weeks pregnant and keeping up with a 30 pound, 17-month-old wild child, and Baby Byrd decided not to wait any longer!

Fletcher Knight Byrd arrived on May 21st, almost 4 weeks early but weighing a healthy 6 lb 12 oz. I never thought I would be one to have such a small baby, but they said he would have been pretty big by 40 weeks! Needless to say, it scared me to death to be going in to labor at 36 weeks, because you hear so much about 37 weeks being the magic number, and in my mind the baby was just going to stay until at least May 26. Because I convinced myself that I wasn't in labor at such an early date, I waited too long to go to the hospital and didn't get to have an epidural. I don't suggest it and if there is another baby I will be going to the hospital at the very moment I think I'm in labor so I can get those drugs! On the plus side, I arrived at the hospital around 7:30 a.m. and Fletcher was born at 9:30 on the dot, so while it was horrible, it was only 2 hours of horrible.

We got home from the hospital on May 23rd and have been finishing up with things for the buy/sale of the homes ever since. We were finally able to start packing earlier this week and it's nice to know we are getting started.

Hopefully everything else will go off without a hitch and we'll be in our new home by June 19th. Will can finally play outside any time he wants to and there is even a fence so I don't have to worry about him running off on me!

Will and I waiting for his ear tubes on May 15th. He seems better already!

Fletcher Knight Byrd is here!

My grandfather, his middle name is Knight too! It was his mother's maiden name and it's also my cousin's middle name. She has a picture with him on her blog, but I don't have one on my camera.

Rob's grandfather, Jack Fletcher. 

Which also makes it Rob's mother's maiden name. Obviously this boy is named after lots of people!

Waiting to go home from the hospital in the same gown that Will wore home. 

Will pointing out Fletcher's nose, we like to do that a lot. 

All of my boys together. Will has really been great about everything so far.

Fletcher napping on the couch. 

Will doing the same right after he came home from the hospital, just a comparison.

Napping again, he does a lot of that!

Will eating by himself. It's very messy but he can get it in his mouth so it's a start.