Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I haven't posted in awhile and there's nothing much going on, but I still have a few fun pics of Will. Last Friday we kept Lily for a little while and I forgot how much they sleep the first month! So she ate and slept while Will played. He didn't even seem to notice her at first but then she made a noise in his swing and he stopped and sat still staring at the swing until I took him over to check her out. Once he had seen what was going on he went back to playing again.

Then this weekend we just ran errands and did things around the house, and then on Sunday we had church and a lunch with our Sunday school class. This week Will and I have just stayed in and I think he's cutting some teeth because he hasn't been himself.

Lily sleeping!

Will playing across the room. 

Will laughing, which he usually doesn't want to do for the camera!

Practicing his swing. If you look closely, there is a game going on behind him. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

This and That

I haven't posted in a few days so I have LOTS of pics! Rob's family visited last week, we went to see Lily Saturday morning, and then we went down to Fayetteville to celebrate Mother's Day and my dad's birthday over the weekend! We are blessed to have such wonderful family and I know Will is going to have so much fun with all of his grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins as he grows up!

Rob's parents came to visit last week and Will got lots of attention!

He propped his foot up while he was waiting on me to get him out after our walk Friday. It made me laugh because he looks so bored!

Sweet potatoes were a success! He loves them and they were very easy to make. 

Mother's Day pic!

The cicada's are out! That is one right next to Will's toe!!

Will, his mother, and his mother's mother!!! Three generations on Mother's Day!

Getting ready for his first horse ride!

And they're off!

He wasn't sure about riding, but he loved petting! He even rubbed his face on the horse, which kinda grossed me out and I had to wipe him off!

All that riding wore him out!

But he was back for more fun before long!

On the horse by himself!

Even trying to hold on for a ride...but he's not big enough yet!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

5 Months

Today is Will's five month birthday! He weighs 17.8 pounds and is about 27 inches long. It's hard for us to measure him ourselves so we think that's close. He got to start eating cereal this week and he has done really well. Next week we move on to some real foods, I'm thinking sweet potatoes to start. I'm going to be making most of his baby food to save money so hopefully that will work out well. My cousin has done this with her girls and she says it's very easy and she told me where to find the recipes.

This is where Will eats, and also where he plays the drums on tupperware while I cook!

At five months, Will is starting to scoot around on his tummy but it takes him about 5 minutes to move two feet. Still, it's a start, and he can scoot around in circles on his tummy pretty quickly. He's sitting up pretty well with help from the bumbo or one of us and can even do it on his own for a little bit.

His sleeping for the last week has been excellent! He's going from 9 until about 5:30, when he eats and then goes back to sleep until about 8. This morning he slept until 6:20 and then slept again until 9:40, apparently he was tired today! He likes to be sung to sleep at night so we go sit in the dark and sing hymns until he falls asleep. This means that he definitely doesn't go to sleep on his own, but maybe someday we'll get there.

The boys first thing in the morning.

I tried to get him to smile for a pic tonight but it was close to bedtime so no smiles! Happy 5 months!!