Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Stats and Stairs

Yesterday we went to Will's 9 month appointment and got his official measurements. He is 23 lbs 12 oz and 30 inches. That put him in the 90th and 95th percentiles. I was also told to feed him anything, no restrictions, so I've been giving him bites of everything we eat and he seems to like most of it.

He has a new fascination with the stairs and will go stand at them for minutes at a time. He's too scared to climb them, he just stands at the bottom and looks up. The nice part of this is that I can get things done in the kitchen while he stands at the stairs. But that will be a different story when he decides to start climbing!

This morning.

Tonight after bathtime. 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

9 Months

I have been a terrible blogger and have taken a whole month off, but I promise to do better this month. I feel like we have just been really busy but I know I've had time to blog and just haven't.

Will is 9 months old! He's such a big boy and doing new things all the time. I don't have stats because our 9 month appointment isn't until Tuesday, but there are lots of other fun things to talk about.

Will is full on crawling and starting to pull up and he's getting in to EVERYTHING. I was trying to send some emails the other day and he was all over the place! He was under tables and pulling up on the couch and the window and going into the kitchen and knocking over all the games. He just likes to crawl around and see what he can find.

We are finally starting to eat some non-pureed foods. He's tried some things we are eating at different times and mostly has not liked them. He'd rather I put everything in the blender for him, but he has 7 teeth so I think he can move on to some new foods! 7 teeth! They are just coming in like crazy.

No new words. He says mama and dada but I'm still not sure he knows that's us. He claps and sometimes he'll wave if he's in the mood.

In completely random order...

Looking out the window

His first real pull up. I put the cord up on the couch so he couldn't get it so he decided to pull himself up there to play with it. 

Crawling under the chair.

He and Susan were tired!

His first celebration with his grandparents. You can see the horse over his head.

Cheering on the horse meant hitting Anna in the face!

He can't push his wagon yet so he just rides in it. 

His grandparents and great-grandparents came to visit!

He and I before we left him with a sitter one night. Pictures of us together are rare. 

He was drinking his bottle one morning while I was trying to do something and he just looked like such a big kid! Usually he doesn't sit by himself for bottles, both because I like to hold him and because he likes to play with them and get milk everywhere!