Thursday, July 28, 2011

Busy Byrds!

We've been busy around here and I haven't posted in awhile! On the 15th we went down to Fayetteville to watch Susan and my dad show horses. They did great! It was fun to watch Susan show, I'd never seen it before. We went to my parents house to rest for awhile and then headed to Florida around 2:30 a.m. Will slept the whole way so it was a successful trip!

We spent a week with Rob's family in Rosemary Beach and had a wonderful time! It was so relaxing, we forgot to take pictures!! But Will really enjoyed spending time with family that he doesn't get to see that often, and so did we.

On Wednesday Janie came with Will and me to the zoo! Will was half interested in the animals but it was fun to have a couple of hours to hang out with a friend and talk. There's only so much you can say to a 7 month old every day! Will loved Janie and cried when she left the house. Looks like he needs to hang out with her more often!

Since we've been back Will has been teething non-stop. Three have come in now and one more is working it's way through. We've also started him back on dairy so he's been eating yogurt and cheese and it hasn't seemed to affect him so that's exciting for everyone! His sleeping since we've been back has been great! He's been going to bed around 8:15 and sleeping until about 7. Last night he woke up at 4:30 but I think it was the teeth more than anything. He's being put in the bed awake but drowsy and it going to sleep on his own! Now we just have to work on making that happen for naps.

One of the three pictures! Will and Jacki before dinner one night, at least one of them is smiling!

Will and Lily in matching outfits from Aunt Cindi before dinner. No smiles here, but they love the outfits!

Wearing his crab outfit from Byrdie at the Crab Trap! Lily had a matching outfit for this one too. Can you tell they are spoiled? 

I just love the cap, it makes me smile every time!

He's into everything now, he found the bag that holds his playmat, but the reason I took the picture is because he was dragging that horse around with him everywhere he went!

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