Sunday, December 4, 2011


Well November has been a month of sickness around here. Will caught his first big cold at the beginning of November and and it lasted for two weeks. I had it too so we were both sickly. After two weeks he seemed better from about Saturday to Tuesday, but he never really started eating like he had been. By the Wednesday before Thanksgiving he wasn't really eating at all and was starting to get fussy. When we got up on Thanksgiving Day he had some suspicious looking spots on his back and we started to worry that maybe he had chicken pox. My cousin had a brand new baby and we didn't want to spread our sickness so we left and went home. Friday morning we found out that he had a double ear infection from the long cold and hand, foot, and mouth disease. We started on amoxicillin the day after Thanksgiving and on the 8th day of meds he broke out in a big time rash. Turns out he's allergic to penicillin, something that I had been looking for because Rob is too. So our poor boy has spent a whole month being sick, and the ear infection is still there. We are starting new meds tomorrow and our rash is getting much better!

Now some fun pictures to make up for the long post about sickness!

We got a new rug for our den and Will was SO excited. He crawled around on it for about an hour and just loved it!

We went to the park when he was feeling slightly better one day. He loved swinging. It was windy so we wore a hat to avoid ear infection. Obviously we got one anyway!

Helping with the Christmas tree.

I ran to get something and came back to this. But he did help me pick them up and put them back.

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Anna Catherine said...

Good to see some pictures and remember what he looked like pre-amoxicillin!! :)