Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I haven't posted in awhile and there's nothing much going on, but I still have a few fun pics of Will. Last Friday we kept Lily for a little while and I forgot how much they sleep the first month! So she ate and slept while Will played. He didn't even seem to notice her at first but then she made a noise in his swing and he stopped and sat still staring at the swing until I took him over to check her out. Once he had seen what was going on he went back to playing again.

Then this weekend we just ran errands and did things around the house, and then on Sunday we had church and a lunch with our Sunday school class. This week Will and I have just stayed in and I think he's cutting some teeth because he hasn't been himself.

Lily sleeping!

Will playing across the room. 

Will laughing, which he usually doesn't want to do for the camera!

Practicing his swing. If you look closely, there is a game going on behind him. 

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