Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pictures and Pink Eye

I have just some random pictures of Will to put up. Nothing new going on here really. Will has pink eye so we are doing eye drops and hoping we don't get it too, although with someone his age it seems impossible not to. I went to the doc Monday and Baby Byrd is still doing well. We start going every two weeks now and it's hard to believe we are getting close to have two babies in this house!

Eating a little snack before we went to get his ears rechecked. All clear!

Drinking some water while we waited for the doctor. 

I've checked on him a couple of times in bed and found him hugging this little monkey. Such a cutie!

Oatmeal cookie for after nap snack. He would love to have this for a snack every day!

A little phone time after his bath. He likes to pretend like he's on the phone. 

The two holes left by the hail. At least I have a pretty new windshield now!

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birdie said...

I love that pic of Sweet Will hugging the monkey. Makes me wish I was there to play with him when he gets up!!