Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I've been a really bad blogger this month and I haven't posted. So I guess I'll do an update of everything that we've been up to. Rob has been out of town this month and I had a baby shower to give so we've been busy traveling around and haven't really seen each other a lot. But luckily he's home for the rest of the month! Will and I went down to Fayetteville the first week of March so I could pick some things up for the shower I was giving and leave him there to spend some quality time while I hosted the shower and got some blood work done. No gestational diabetes, yay! Then I went back down and got to watch my mom in the 50's show while Anna Catherine stayed with Will. We spent lots of outside time on the farm in the warm weather and he watched the horses and played with rocks, dirt, sticks, and anything else he could find. We came back Thursday when Rob got back to town. I don't have many pictures but here are a few of the shower (it looks like I didn't do anything, but I did, it was just regular food so it didn't make fun pictures!) and one of Will. I forget to take pictures just like I forget everything else these days. I blame pregnancy.

Cake pops that Erica made. They were tied with little blue and brown ribbons and looked so cute!

Cupcakes that Rachel made, Riggs is the baby's name and we can't wait to meet him!

Rachel also made the diaper cake. So cute! She made mine when I had Will and I hated to take it apart to use the diapers!

One of her gifts was a sign for the hospital door. I've heard of people using them but I had never seen one in person, so cute! She got lots of fun (and some practical) things for Riggs.

All of the girls at the shower, yes I know, I look huge! And Ashley looks awesome. I blame it on the fact that this is my second, but that's probably not true!

When I got back after the blood work on Monday Will and I went outside for a little while. His hat was in my mom's car in town so he borrowed Susan's purple toboggan she uses for feeding. It was pretty windy that day but the rest of the week was really hot and he broke out the shorts. He would spend every second outside if he could, he just loves it! Today we walked up and down our sidewalks a million times. 


birdie said...

I just love seeing our " little buddy". He is so so cute.
Thanks for posting. Hope to see you soon.
Love love love y'all

hughesfamily said...

Love all the cute Deltas!