Monday, February 18, 2013


*I wrote this days ago but am having trouble with my laptop and the internet. Hopefully I can get this figured out and post more often!

So after my post about my very easy 8 month old, I thought it only appropriate to write a post about Will. Will is 2. That says it all really. One second he is so sweet and laughing and loving on his brother, and the next he’s laying in the floor screaming for no reason at all. I know a lot of it has to do with communication, and the fact that we can’t understand what he’s trying to tell us sometimes. He is talking a lot now and I can get probably ¾ of it, but the rest I just guess at and he gets so frustrated when he has to keep repeating himself. And then sometimes he throws fits just because. Because he woke up grumpy, because he’s tired, because his milk was opened the wrong way, because his oatmeal wasn’t the exact temperature he wanted it to be. There are any number of reasons for him to throw a fit.

Then there's the itching. Oh the itching! He has TERRIBLE eczema and we haven't been able to help him much this winter. We went to an allergist and he's not allergic to anything. That was great news considering Rob is allergic to everything, but bad news for the eczema since there was nothing we could just cut out to help it. We have an appointment with a dermatologist but can't get in until March 28. Hopefully it will be be better by then because the weather will be warmer, so I've taken pictures to show them just how bad it is now. The itching also causes fits, because he's in pain. It's heartbreaking really. He can't sleep half the time because he wakes up itching and sometimes baths have to be 5 minutes because he can't stop clawing at his skin.  

But back to the fits for no reason other than being two...when I picked him up from MDO last Tuesday he threw a huge fit for reasons completely unknown to me. His teachers had just finished telling me how obedient he is and what a good day he’d had and then he fell apart on the way out. It was so much fun to try to get him to the car in the midst of his tantrum while also trying not to drop Fletcher. He loves school so I don’t know if he just didn’t want to leave or he just woke up from nap grumpy. Those are the times when two is really hard, because I’d like to just be able to pick Will up and take him to the car, or to the bathroom, or somewhere that I can deal with him, but I’m holding Fletcher and he can’t walk, so I just have to half carry/half drag Will. It’s special. But I guess if he's going to be really good for someone I'm glad it's his teachers. 

When he’s sweet he’s just precious. He loves to play with his animals and make animal sounds. He loves to look through books and pick out things to talk about, but he won't let us read them to him anymore. He loves Fletcher and really tries to play with him, he’s just a little rough and ends up hurting him sometimes. He loves to play chase, to wrestle with Rob in the floor, to sing songs and count and recite his ABC’s. And he loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He know all the characters and we have to talk about them a million times a day. He likes to play with his little apps on the ipad, although he doesn’t do that as often as he used to. His favorite thing on the ipad is just to draw pictures and have me write letters and numbers. 

And now for more pictures…just kidding, it won't let me add any tonight. Hopefully I can put up a whole bunch in the next couple of days!

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birdie said...

You are such a sweet good momma. I have watched you as you bless your precious boys with your gentle parenting. You are so calm and reassuring with our Will as he suffers with exzema.
I am so proud of you and know both Fletch and Will are lucky boys!!
Praying for my boys, you & Rob!