Monday, June 27, 2011

A Birthday, Weddings, and a Dedication

So I've been a bad blogger and haven't updated since our trip. We've had a lot going on though, so we'll try to cover it all before another month starts! Rob's first Father's Day was on the 19th and then his birthday was on the 20th so we went to Jackson to celebrate with his family. This was a big birthday for him because he was turning 30! We stayed for three days and enjoyed getting to see all of Rob's aunts, uncles, and cousins that we don't usually get to visit with.

This past Saturday I drove down to Fayetteville for an afternoon wedding and then Susan came back to Nashville with me and babysat Will while Rob and I went to another wedding. It was fun to celebrate both marriages and see friends from home and friends from college.

Yesterday Will was dedicated at our church and both of our families came up to be there for it. I forgot to take a picture at the front of the church so we took some after we got home, but Will was tired by then and did not want his picture taken!

In other Will news, his sleep has become completely random. He still goes to bed at 8, but he will wake up one day at 7:30 and the next day at 5. We never really know what to expect or how to get him on a better schedule for sleep. He takes pretty consistent naps every day unless we are away from home or it's a Sunday, so I don't know what throws him off every day.

The babies dressed up for church!

Will played football with Rob while I was gone to the first wedding Saturday. 

He's going after everything he sees these days. The remote control is especially interesting!

Completely random, but Will and I went to visit Fayetteville a couple of weeks ago, and I was looking out the kitchen window and saw this. He blends in, but if you look at the bottom of the tree you see what I guess is a ground hog? I don't know what he is but he looks old and he's really big when you see him in person. He apparently lives in the tree. Last time I was there I saw a snake out the window so this was definitely better!

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