Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hair, Teeth, Naps and Straws

Will is a little under the weather and since the weather was actually bad today, we haven't been anywhere. As I write he is upstairs trying to go to sleep between coughs, poor boy! I don't really feel that sorry for him though because he is also talking and clapping. We were brushing his teeth before bed tonight and I noticed a white spot further back on his gums. I reached in a sure enough, he has two new teeth. This makes me wonder if maybe the last thing I thought was a cold was actually these teeth. It also makes me wonder if this current runny nose and cough is related to the top ones coming in to match the bottom. I don't know though, the cough was pretty terrible last night and seemed to be in his chest, it even woke him up for awhile. His sweet daddy even got up and rocked him for a little bit last night before he put him back to bed. Today he sounds much better and just seems to have a normal cold type cough.

We have finally transitioned to full time, happy napping in the crib. Every day at noon he goes into his crib with a pile of books. He reads for about 15 minutes, then drops them out of the bed and lays down and takes a nap. Two of the days have been great, he wakes up happy and stands up and talks until I come get him. Yesterday though, he woke up after only an hour and because he was still tired he cried for about the next 30 minutes. That's never fun. As long as he gets at least an hour and a half he seems to do fine, sometimes he naps for two hours or more.

It's crazy how grown up he seems. He can take directions so well and is really listening well when I tell him not to do something. Yesterday I finally taught him to drink out of a straw! That will make life much easier in the car because his other cup leaked everywhere when I let him have it back there by himself. 

He's such a sweet boy and I am enjoying every day with him before things get crazy around here and I'm trying to juggle two! And now as I finish up, he's sleeping peacefully!

Playing with his toys. This was the first day it was warm enough to just wear a onesie around the house and I loved seeing his cute little legs again! We are almost out of the onesie stage though, this is the last one that fits.

Before the haircut Saturday morning. He hadn't quite woken up good. It doesn't really look that bad right here, but trust me, it was. 

After the cut he got a sucker, so he was a happy boy on the way home. 

I was trying to take a picture of the straw drinking, and this was the first face he made. I'm not sure what it's about, but it cracked me up. 


Cindi said...

Straws are wonderful! So are onesies! I would wear them if they made adult sizes :). I cracked up too when I saw that last funny face, great Kodak moment!!

Emily said...

I need to get my hands on that sweet little man. And I didnt know suckers were allowed. I always have suckers!!!!!!