Sunday, February 10, 2013

I'm Back

I know you are all so excited. And by all I mean my immediate family since anyone else who was reading stopped checking for new posts months ago! Fletcher has a new tooth as of Tuesday, and when I found it I decided that the blogging needed to start back up. You see, Fletcher has no baby book, so the only way to remember these things is to put them here on the blog. This way when he's grown and asks these questions (who am I kidding? He's a boy, he won't ask or care!) I will know the answers. Since it's been approximately 8 months since I've blogged, there's a lot to catch up on, but we'll just make this post about Fletcher. 

Fletcher has been an extremely easy baby in comparison to Will, who was really pretty easy himself! Fletch is happy about 85% of the time and smiles at everyone and everything. He loves Will and will just watch him play and now that he's crawling (as of right at the 8 month mark) he's pretty happy to play by himself too. He sleeps wherever he happens to be at nap time and wakes up happy whether or not he was able to get his whole nap. He sleeps about 12 hours at night and basically just transitioned into all night sleeping on his own. We never had to cry it out, mainly because I was more tired this time around and any time he woke up in the night I just put him in the bed with me, and then well before 6 months (my personal "must sleep through the night or cry it out" marker) he just quit waking up at night and now he sleeps like a champ. Our only issue with him was eating solids. He wanted nothing to do with them in the beginning and thought everything was gross. But they've grown on him and while he's still pretty picky he's a good eater. 

And now for the fun stuff. I have lots of pictures to put up and I tried to put 24 on this post alone but it cut me off at 9 so here they are!

A visit from Nana and Grandaddy.


Playing on the tractors and in the corn at the pumpkin patch. 

Our efforts at a picture with pumpkins. He was really excited as you can see.

Picture with Mimi, apparently someone else was taking one too? They are definitely looking elsewhere but this is the best one I had.

Giraffe Fletcher at Halloween.

Dr. Will talking to giraffe Fletcher. We had random costumes because they don't care at this age so we take what people give us :) Maybe next year Will can tell me what he wants to be.

First time in the Johnny Jumper. He doesn't love it. Will never did either. 

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hughesfamily said...

Yay for being back!! Super cute pictures!!! I am impressed with how well you have thrived with two kids!