Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fun in Faytown

Last week Will and I went to Fayetteville for a little family visit so we couldn't update because internet is SLOW there. But now we're back and we had a great time! He had numerous babysitters as I took trips to eat Mexican, watch the 50's show, and watch Susan ride a show horse. It was fun for him and for me!!

My mom had an exersaucer at her house and he liked it a lot. This was his first time... a little unbalanced and unsure!

Much happier once he figured it out!

Checking out some of the toys.

By the last day he was just hanging out playing away!

When we go visit Will takes his bath in the sink...he likes just sitting around in there, even with a rag on his head! If you notice that he has his hands in his mouth in a couple of these that's because he has his hands in his mouth ALL the time! He loves to eat them! Maybe teething? I don't know.

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