Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday Stroll

I have been loving some warm weather lately because it gives Will and I a chance to get outside for a little while. Today we went walking for about an hour but it was REALLY warm and sunny so I put a sun hat on him and I tried to keep the little canopy on his stroller covering up most of him. This is before we left.

This is when we got back. He must have enjoyed the stroll because he went to sleep about halfway through and snoozed until we got home. 

In other news, he's started hugging his burp cloths as he goes to sleep for naps and bedtime. I thought this must mean he was ready for one of the cute little lovey's he has, and he has quite a few! But I've tried that and he has no interest, only the burp cloths. Any burp cloth will do but he knows when you try to sneak in a nice soft or silky little blanket.

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