Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We're Still Here!

So I obviously haven't met my once a week quota this last couple of weeks, but I have good reasons. Last week Will and I went to Jackson for a couple of days and while we were there I got the news that my aunt passed away. No telling how many nights I spent at her house growing up and she was just what you want in an aunt, fun to talk to and always making you laugh and dispensing good advice. Needless to say, it made for a tough rest of the week. I wanted to snap my fingers and be back in Fayetteville immediately but of course that was impossible. Still I wanted to get there as quickly as possible and this was one of those times when you realize that a baby really changes the way you do things. By Wednesday morning Will and I were driving from Jackson to Nashville, where we got clothes and took a break from the car seat, and then Nashville to Fayetteville in a few hours time. Will was a champ throughout all of this and didn't cry once while spending over 4 hours in the car. 

Will didn't sleep well Saturday night and by Monday morning had a fever. We went to the doctor who determined that it's just a virus. We've spent the last couple of days and nights being sad and fussy, but today he's much better and the fever is all gone! No great pictures because the camera hasn't really been out with everything going on...but here's a peek at sick boy.

I got a smile Monday even though he was not feeling good.

This was before we went to the doctor, not too happy!

Sweet boy resting today, finally feeling a little better!

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