Wednesday, April 6, 2011

4 Months

Sunday was technically the four month mark, but Monday Will had his appointment. At four months he is 15 lbs 6 oz, and 26.3 inches. That puts him in the 75th and 95th percentiles. He is rolling tummy to back, but not because he thinks it's fun, only because I keep rolling him onto his tummy and he doesn't like it. He plays with some toys now and likes to rattle things. He's very interested in his hands and feet and likes to play with them. He laughs when you play with him and is so much fun. His sleeping right now is all over the place, but I think most of that is due to him being sick last week. We are working to get back on schedule, which was about 8:30 to sometime between 4-5.

Will is hanging out and watching me finish up this post!

The only picture on the actual four month birthday. He had been at a baby shower for his Aunt Laura and Uncle Bryan so he was worn out, but he loves that little chain and won't let go of it when he's in the carseat. 

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Emily said...

sweet sweet pictures...when do I get to see him again. By the way yes I am catching up even though I just saw you so I am going to post on everything!