Friday, February 3, 2012

14 Months

Will is 14 months old! I haven't updated on him in awhile so this might be a little long. He's such a big boy and can do a lot of things by himself, when he wants to. He's running around everywhere and definitely keeps me busy! His latest obsession is shoes and he loves to carry Rob's shoes around and try to put them on his feet. He's still eating a lot, though everyone tells me he'll stop eating sometime soon, because that's just what they do at this age. We went to the doctor earlier this week to check his ears (finally clear!) and he weighed 27.5 pounds.

He loves books and will sometimes sit and pretend to read them out loud. This is especially interesting since he doesn't have any words. Right now he says mama, dada, and uh oh. He also sometimes says no, no, no and will say tickle tickle when he's copying us, but I don't think he really knows what it means. Talking doesn't seem to be a priority for him, though he loves to point at things in books and have us tell him what they are.

He also loves to throw/roll things. He throws his toys up in the air, he rolls his balls across the table or along the floor. He just loves to be moving, and have everything else moving with him. He constantly makes faces he thinks are funny and loves to be tickled. He also loves to wrestle with Rob, which mostly involves him running up and jumping on his dad, or crawling over the top of him.

We went for his second hair cut yesterday and he was awful! The first time we had a mom cutting his hair and she talked to him and made it seem fun. This time we had a young girl who was really nice but seemed a little uncomfortable with a baby and kept giving him directions. She would tell him to look down, turn his head, etc. It didn't work out well. He basically cried the whole time, so it's a good thing it doesn't take long to cut his hair! I felt bad for the girl, and everyone else in the vicinity at the time.

Nothing new as far as baby Byrd goes. We are over halfway there! I have been so tired lately, I guess it's part of being pregnant and chasing a 1-year-old. It also probably has to do with Rob being gone, because I just don't sleep well when he's not here. Yesterday I felt completely worn out, especially after the hair debacle, but Rob got home last night and I felt much better today! I'm growing pretty rapidly now and I'm definitely bigger than I was with Will at this point, but I haven't gained much weight at all.

Before the cut, hair over his ears and down in his shirt.

Smiling at another girl waiting. He was happy when we got there. That didn't last.

This was the "look down" part, he did not understand or enjoy it. 

Last picture before it all went south. The camera had to go after this one.

Last night before bed. I wanted a pic of the hair cut. It does look much better. 

I asked him to smile and this is what I got. Apparently Anna Catherine has been giving him lessons. This is how she smiled when we were little.

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