Friday, February 10, 2012

Naps and Words

Well we are down to one nap. I tried to think it was just a one day thing, and then the next day I thought maybe we were just having a couple of off days. But that started Monday and we haven't looked back. Most of the week it's been just one two hour nap after lunch, although today it was over two hours. I think I miss the nap more than he does, but I am glad that it gives us freedom to go places in the morning. We just haven't had anywhere we really needed to go this week.

We've been hanging around the house most of the week but today we did run to Spring Hill and take some food to Erin and visit Gracie. She was asleep in the swing the whole time and Will kept walking over and wanting to poke her in the face. I had to stop him probably 5 times. That doesn't bode well for Baby Byrd!

We are working with Will all the time to learn new words. He loves books so we spend a lot of time pointing out animals and sounds. Every once in awhile he will copy one, but he usually won't say anything more than once. The other night we were reading a book about all of the animals getting the stable ready for Mary and Joseph and the last page had Jesus. When I said it he copied, and then we went back through some of the animals and he would call them Jesus. The next day he brought me his big book of words and pointed to the carrots and called them Jesus. Ha! Not to worry though, true to form he dropped the word and hasn't said it since. He doesn't like to stick with any word for very long, so to remember it the next day was big for him!

Some pics from this week:

I think the new smile is here to stay for awhile!

Again with the smile today. 

He likes to play with the colander, sometimes that means putting it on his head!

And sometimes it just means squatting beside it. He can stand like this for long periods of time. It hurts my knees just watching him.

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Cindi said...

Love the picture of him squatting! Now if you can teach him to weed the flower beds while he's down there, I'll keep him for at least a weekend to take care of mine! LOL. His new smiley face is contagious! We are all smiling when we look at it! High five to Anna Catherine for the lessons :))