Saturday, April 30, 2011

Family Fun Day

Today we decided to fix up the back patio by adding some new flowers. We all got ready and headed to Lowe's this morning. Will was ready to pick flowers and hand out directions! When we got back Will was happy to watch and play while someone else did the work! He got a little tired and took a nap halfway through and woke up to a finished product. Then we cleaned out his closet and reorganized and now he's napping again. Fun family time on a Saturday!

Ready to go to Lowe's!

Waiting in line after we picked our flowers. 

Will playing while his dad did the work. 

Giving out orders!

All that work made him tired.

Time for a nap!

He woke up and it was all done! Pretty flowers!

The two workers after they finished.

We started going through things in Will's room after we had all cleaned up and he put on his cap...he looks so grown up!

He also put on his moccasins and bandanna.

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