Monday, April 11, 2011

Thumb Sucker

So day one of boo boo detox has gone pretty well. Yes, I call pacifiers boo boos. My cousin used them when we were little and that's what she called them so we all did too. He took two good naps today and was in a good mood in general. He didn't seem to miss it at all until bedtime when we couldn't get him settled down. In the end, he cried 25 minutes before falling asleep, which really isn't that long for him and is much better than last night when we did the back and forth for what seemed like forever. I hate hearing him cry and it breaks my heart but I really feel like after a couple of nights we are all going to be sleeping better. 

In other news, Will has started sucking his thumb. This is not something we taught him to do but he's been sucking on his whole fist for awhile now so I guess it was bound to happen. He doesn't seem attached so I don't mind it for now, but I hope it doesn't become a habit. He started about a week ago and seems to do it a little more all the time.

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Watson & Ashley said...

Uh oh - a thumb sucker? Must have learned from his Dad :) Seems to be better than crying and not sleeping though...