Monday, April 25, 2011

Will's First Easter

Will had a fun and exciting first Easter with a few fun pictures! Rob and I went to a wedding on Saturday night but there is always egg coloring at my grandparents house in Lebanon so we took Will over there before the wedding. He got to watch eggs be colored and he got one with his name on it. Sunday morning we went to church with my grandparents and Will was very well behaved! We went and ate lunch and then went back to my grandparents house for the egg hunt. Will had a fun Easter basket but of course, he couldn't really hunt. His sweet Aunt Susan carried him to pick up his one egg with his name on it so I could get his picture with it. 

Will and Susan ready to get their egg, we had to search it out ahead of time so they knew where to go!

Will's egg. It says Will Bo Byrd because we call him Will Bo alot so that's why it looks like Bo Byrd. You can kind of see the W in Will. 

His cute little basket that his Birdie gave him.

Hanging out with the aunts.

Getting pushed in the swing by Nandy, something I remember well!

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