Monday, April 18, 2011

Will's Big Adventure

This weekend marked a big first for Will (and me)! Rob and I went to a wedding in Maryville and Will spent the weekend in Fayetteville. I dropped him off Friday at noon and picked him up Sunday after church. Two whole night away from each other!!! It was fun for both of us I think. We got to spend Friday night with Rob's friends at the rehearsal dinner and then Saturday we went into Knoxville for lunch and then headed to the wedding. We got home Saturday night and decided we should go to dinner and a movie. Then we woke up early and went to early service before going to pick him up. It was fun to just do whatever we wanted and not have to worry about packing him up or going around his naps.

Will spent his weekend getting lots of attention! I think it was too cold for them to get out much but he had fun playing with everyone and from what I hear he was a good eater and sleeper, which are his two main activities!!

I missed him and it wasn't that I was worried at all, I just wondered what he was doing and how he was sleeping and when he was napping, all of the things that I spend my time on these days! But in the end, fun was had by all and I definitely think it'll be even easier next time.

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