Sunday, April 10, 2011

Family Pictures and Sleepless Nights

So I don't have much to post about but had some pictures I wanted to put up. There's not much going on with the Byrd family these days. We are glad to have Rob back home for the next few months!! That's our best news. 

We haven't been getting much sleep around here lately which makes for a grumpy Will and a grumpy Mama! He was an 8 hour sleeper until about 2 weeks ago and now we are up all night. So, as of about 30 minutes ago, I've decided we are finished with the pacifier. I'm not giving it back, ever! He wakes up for it all night long and it makes him tired all day and definitely makes me tired all day! His naps are getting shorter and he's getting fussier. He still has his fun times of day, they just aren't nearly as long as they have been. He was up crying tonight and we kept giving the pacifier back only to have him spit it out five minutes later and cry again. Finally I gave him a burp cloth to hug and he's now sleeping peacefully. I'm definitely expecting more wake-ups tonight but I will just have to give back the burp cloth and hope things go well. I'm hoping by the end of the week we will ALL be sleeping better, I'll let you know how it goes!

This is an idea of how he's been all week. He's spent more time in the swing than usual and has this sad look more often than I'd like!

Today we were all dressed for church and decided we should take some pictures since it was nice and sunny. I think Rob's is much better than mine since he and Will are both looking and smiling! I just look squinty and Will is staring at the ground. 

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